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We have world class manufacturing facilities where we produce an inherently superior product, one that’s more hygienic, intelligent, easy to clean, durable and has a higher quality finish. Our doors are capable of resisting bacteria, water, laser, x-ray and are fire certified in over 30 countries.

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Cleanroom Doors Inside A Biopharma Facility

We recently installed these Cleanroom Doors inside a Biopharma facility. This door is part of an airlock to a Seed Room with 60pa pressure differential across this door. The door was automated with a system suitable to ensure that the door always closed. Magnetic locks and armature plates were inbuilt flush into the frame door stop and door blade, providing access control and ensuring the doors fully sealed to keep air loss to a minimum.


Basic requirements for cleanroom doors

Choosing the correct door system is a major factor in ensuring the delicate balance of a cleanroom. If the doors do not function properly, the cleanroom could fail to meet relevant cleanroom standards and be exposed to a higher risk of contamination. Here are some of the most basic but essential factors to consider when selecting a cleanroom door.

Hygienic & Flush Fitting

It’s vital that doors and frames are completely flush with the wall panels in order to meet compliance standards and be easy to keep clean. The door surface should also be a smooth flat surface that is free from ledges, recesses or anywhere that bacteria or dust particles that can be trapped and grow. Vision panels within the doors should also be completely flush to the door to maintain hygiene. As ISO-1464 44-4 2001 states: “Doors should present as few horizontal ledges as possible with particular attention being paid to the minimisation of steps or ledges.”

Flush cleanroom doors Dortek
Design of hygienic and flush fitting cleanroom doors

Easy to integrate

Door systems which are designed to be compatible to any type of wall system should be chosen. It is essential that the complete door and frame system can be integrated seamlessly to create a flush finish on both sides of the wall. If the door system does not integrate into any wall structure then it can be difficult to change parameters within the facility without the cleanroom door integrity being compromised.

Resistant to cleaning chemicals

Cleanrooms are exposed to intense cleaning every day with a variety of strong chemicals to assure high levels of hygiene. Cleanroom doors, as any other cleanroom surfaces, need to be resistant to the regular usage of any cleaning products and any reaction between the door and the chemicals need to be avoided. Most reputable companies carry out tests to make sure doors resist common cleaning chemicals, Chlorine and VHP (vaporised hydrogen peroxide).

Easy to keep clean

Door surfaces in a cleanroom should be smooth in order to remain impervious to microorganisms. The design of cleanroom doors should be kept as simple as possible, avoiding the use of elements that are difficult to clean like ledges or complex mechanisms. Both sides of the door and frame should be completely flush to the wall, to avoid uneven surfaces which are difficult to keep clean.

Impact resistant and durable

Doors in cleanrooms can be subject to high amounts of traffic and exposure to hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. Selecting the right door solutions can help save time and money over the longer term. Strong, lightweight doors should be chosen to improve durability, ease of maintenance and low lifecycle costs.

Vision panels with safety glazing

In a cleanroom, safety comes first. Therefore, every part of the product should be designed to meet the highest safety requirements. Vision panels in doors should be safety glazing and shatter proof to prevent any risk of glass scattering if the panel breaks.

Dortek Door Fiberglass Systems

FRP cleanroom doors

Dortek’s range of door sizes and thicknesses are designed to integrate into all cleanroom modular panels. Our unique frame design offers a completely flush finish to any cleanroom wall panel of choice.

Considerable care and quality control goes into every Dortek door blade to ensure the smoothest possible finish. The fiberglass door blade is designed to have no sharp edges or 90-degree angles for ease of cleaning. Our frames are seamless, smooth, with round edges and seamless mitres with no crevice or dirt gathering areas.

We are constantly developing innovations to our product offerings to enhance the hygienic performance of our products. Small, but critical, features including flush fitting frames, recessed hinges, vision panels, lock keeps and receivers have all been continuously re-designed to minimise and eliminate dirt gathering areas in cleanrooms.

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