Dortek hygienic GRP fire doors are regularly tested for fire resistance to various International Standards. We have a constant fire door innovation and test pipeline to test the best materials to the latest international standards.

Our GRP fire doors combine safety without compromising high standards of hygiene and durability. Unique to Dortek, our patented concealed intumescent strip is built into the door during the manufacturing process. This maintains a smooth, seamless profile ensuring that there are no seams or ledges where dirt and germs can gather. The intumescent strip is activated by the heat of a fire and expands to create a sealed fire door.

We currently have over 50 independent tested door specifications compliant with worldwide regulations.

Our GRP fire doors are tested and certified to the following worldwide standards:

EN 1634 – 1 (Pan European Standard) Certified from F30 to F300
ANSI/UL 10-C (US Standard) Certified F30 and F90
GB-12955 (China) Certified F30 and F60
Singapore SS332 : 2007 (Singapore Standard) Certified from F30 to F120
BS 476 Pt 22  (British Standard) Certified from F30 to F240
En 1634-1 CSTB (France) Certified from F30 to F180
AS 1530.4-2005 and AS1905.1-2005 (Australia and New Zealand) certified from F30 to F120.


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