Research laboratory doors.

Research laboratories must meet rigorous standards in regard to engineering primary and secondary containment systems. These facilities each have specific requirements relating to separation of facilities, infection control, decontamination, structural durability, biosecurity, procedures and administrative controls.

Dortek offers turnkey access solutions for research and containment laboratories. Our doors, windows and hatches are designed to meet the biological containment needs of research facilities. 

Our door solutions are designed to improve performance, quality and personnel safety as well as ensuring compliance to ever-increasing regulatory demands. Dortek has been manufacturing specialist hygienic doors for more than five decades and has delivered solutions to leading research laboratories worldwide.

The laboratory environment requires doors that do not collect dirt and are easy to clean. The doors must be able to withstand moisture for a prolonged period of time and not be adversely affected by daily washing and disinfection.

  • Non-porous smooth hygienic GRP doors, maximising infection control and ease of cleaning
  • Inorganic construction to prevent bacterial growth or harbouring vermin
  • Resistant to water, chemicals and fumigation agents
  • Built to last, even in the harshest of environments; our doors will not dent, warp, swell, rot or rust.

Areas of Application

Gene Therapy Facility Doors

Vivarium Doors

BSL3 & BSL4 Laboratory Doors

Vaccine Facility Doors

Biopharmaceutical Doors

Research Facility Doors


What our clients say

Thank you and the Dortek team for continued world class service. As mentioned before the product is always great, but the service your team provides is even greater! The doors turned out very well for this project, and the owner is impressed with them as well.

Laboratory Designer, US

We have installed Dortek’s GRP doors for the past 12 years in 3 of our locations in Europe. The doors are ideal in production areas as they are without seams or crevices into which dirt and bacteria can gather as well as being very strong and hard wearing. I have found Dortek staff very technically competent, focused on working with me on presenting solutions to problems, and I regularly recommend Dortek to colleagues and peers in our industry.

Global Manufacturing Company

Infection control is of critical importance in our premises and, therefore, specifying the correct doors for our new operating theatres was crucial. We are impressed with the high quality and clean appearance of Dortek’s doors which are particularly suited to sterile areas. Their installation team were very professional, helpful and knowledgeable and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in the industry.

Dick White ReferralsVeterinary Specialists

Dick White Referrals Veterinary Specialists

Two laboratory workers working with test tubes.

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Two laboratory workers working with test tubes.
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