Dortek Business Response to Coronavirus

Dortek business response to Coronavirus – updated 31/03/20

The health, safety and wellbeing of our customers and our employees has always been our top priority and Dortek is taking the Coronavirus outbreak extremely seriously. We are actively communicating with clients, employees and suppliers to ensure we limit the infection and spread of the virus during this outbreak.


Dortek has a number of global clients who are currently working on projects which form part of the essential supply chain in the fight against COVID-19, including the supply of our products to key pharmaceutical research and vaccine manufacturing facilities and hospital isolation wards.

Following current government guidance, we will be endeavouring to continue reduced-capacity production for the foreseeable future, but only for the types of projects identified above. If you have a project which you believe falls into these categories, please contact us as soon as you can.

Colleagues, suppliers and customers

We continue to advise our staff on the key symptoms to look out for and we are sharing current government guidance on preventative measures to minimise the risk of infection. We have implemented a number of precautionary measures across our business:

– The majority of Dortek staff are working remotely from home, reporting regularly to their line managers.

– The remaining staff are being asked to work either at split times during the day or split days during the week in order to achieve responsible social distancing as per current Government advice. As a result, it may take slightly longer to respond to emails or calls.

– All non-essential meetings have been cancelled, with all other meetings taking place via tele/video conferencing. We are asking our supply chain partners to support us in this respect.

– Essential site attendance by our project and installation teams will continue, as is both required and practical, taking in to account current Government guidance on both social distancing and essential travel. It is important that our supply chain partners support us in this latter point, particularly on site.

– We no longer accept any visitors to Dortek sites or offices.

– We are working closely with supply our chain to ensure an uninterrupted supply of products and materials to our operational projects.

It is important to state that Dortek is continuing to operate as usual, in compliance with current Government health guidance. We are constantly monitoring Government updates, reacting accordingly across our business. Our estimating team continues to price for new projects but, with the majority of staff working remotely, we may take a little longer than usual to return completed tenders – please bear with us.

If Dortek is impacted more directly, further measures will be taken and an update posted on our website.

Glenn Hogarth

General Manager UK Operations

Hygienic Touchless Door Activation

Door handles and touch devices are some of the most vulnerable areas in buildings for the spread of bacteria or viruses. One contaminated touch can easily set off a chain reaction of cross contamination throughout a building.

As germs grow more aggressive and become more resistant to antibiotics and other treatments, it’s imperative to try and eliminate sources of cross contamination to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Touchless door activation is an extremely effective way to do this.

Dortek’s touchless door switches are the hygienic solution to prevent infection or viruses from being transmitted via conventional door handles or push buttons. The switch automatically triggers the door opening ensuring no contact is required.

Dortek have a range of touchless door solutions to make opening doors simple and germ free. We can provide wall switches with LED back-lighting to illuminate the switch at all times. This enables the switch to be easily located even in low light conditions.


– Hygienic touch free operation
– Adjustable detection range from 5-40cm
– Adjustable door-open period
– Water resistant
– Sleek flush mounted design
– Illuminated versions available.

For further information on our range of touchless door options please contact your local Dortek office or email

Three Dortek touchless doors.


New & Improved AIA / CES Lunch & Learn Sessions

Updated content for our Lunch & Learn Sessions!

Dortek is pleased to offer AIA/CES Lunch & Learn sessions at your company. Our sessions cover a wide range of important topics to the architect, designer and specifier of door systems for specialist environments. The courses we offer are typically an hour long and attendees will earn 1 learning unit upon completion. Participation is free of charge with lunch provided on us!

Our L&L sessions:

Specifying doors in hygienic and sterile facilities, the benefits of FRP doors in controlled environments. 

  • Key features – FRP Hygienic Doors
  • Application areas
  • Basic design guidelines
  • Fire Certification
  • Competing Door Technologies
  • Automations
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Specifications
  • Project Examples

What’s new?

  • Glass Door series
  • New frame integration designs
  • Hermetic sealing options
  • Interlocking & mag lock integration
  • Added fire door capabilities
  • Modular cleanroom doors

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a seminar, please contact us on:

+1 617 401 8226 or email

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