Selecting The Right Doors For Sports And Leisure Environments

A door in a leisure center changing room.

Sports and leisure facilities require increasingly flexible design to cope with the sectors evolving needs. Leisure facilities tend to be specialist and architecturally driven with particular emphasis given to quality, function, flexibility and appearance. There is increasing focus on high levels of operational efficiency and the use of renewable technologies in the leisure sector.

For wet or moisture-prone areas the design becomes increasingly complex, with buildings needing to withstand both warm, humid conditions internally but also cold external conditions throughout the winter. Doors in these areas will need to be versatile in order to withstand severe temperature variations, damp conditions and the frequent use of chlorine/cleaning chemicals.

Sport England states; “In very wet locations or where the operator is likely to wash/hose down surfaces, timber doors should be avoided in favour of more robust doors and frames such as glass reinforced polyester (GRP) encapsulated non-timber cored doorsets. Hinges and screw fixings must be corrosion resistant, and if not stainless steel, should be powder-coated.”

The results of specifying the wrong door

Timber doors have an organic core with natural seams and crevices which makes them impossible to keep clean. These doors also soak up any moisture which will cause them to swell, warp, rot and decay. The door also knocks, chips and splinters easily, which in turn creates perfect breeding grounds for bacteria to grow.


About Dortek GRP Doors

GRP is renowned for being an extremely durable, flexible and waterproof material. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist GRP door solutions, we’ve developed a comprehensive range of hard wearing, GRP door systems specifically for a range of sports and leisure applications.

  • Completely seamless surface – free from voids and ledges
  • Developed to the highest hygiene standards – does not harbour bacteria or moisture
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Fire, water, chemical and chlorine proof
  • Extremely strong, stable and lightweight
  • High durability and performance
  • Will not rot, rust, warp, crack or corrode
  • Aesthetically pleasing, permanent built in colour
  • 25+ year product life
  • Naturally environmentally friendly – long life expectancy.

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