National Maternity Hospital, Neonatal ICU Unit, Dublin.

The National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin, popularly known as Holles Street Hospital, is the largest maternity hospital in Ireland.

The hospital delivers over 10,000 babies per year with 1,500 admissions to its Neonatal Unit. The Neonatal ICU (NICU) unit provides specialist treatment for critically ill babies who are transported to Holles street from other hospitals.

The hospital required hygienic door systems for a much needed refurbishment of its new €6 Million Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The new modern unit offers an improved quality of care with services which include a central station for monitoring babies, vital equipment, dedicated isolation rooms and double clinical spaces around each incubator.

Dortek supplied hermetically sealing sliding ICU doors across the unit. Dortek ICU doors are ideal for areas where infection control is paramount to patient safety. The doors are highly hygienic with a flush, wipe clean, smooth surface.

Dortek ICU doors were specified to maximise visibility, minimise room intrusions typical to swing doors, and provide easy access for staff and patients throughout the unit.

Hermetically sealing ICU doors were chosen to help cut the spread of airborne infection with a unique patented track system.  The seal has been tested to be over 99% effective thus helping to reduce air handling costs, the incidence of wound infections and cross contamination.

Dortek ICU doors at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin.
Dortek ICU doors – National Maternity Hospital, Dublin
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