Molded FRP Doors for Hygienic Environments

What are Dortek molded FRP doors? 

Dortek molded FRP doors are manufactured from high technology engineering composites using a unique closed mould process. This creates a strong, uniform product with no seams or joins on the door surface and no voids, holes or crevices within for bacteria to harbour.

Ultra Hygienic Design

With a smooth and seamless construction, Dortek molded FRP doors have no ledges, recesses or right angles where dust or bacteria can be trapped and grow. Our FRP doors are free of timber and other organic materials that promote bacterial growth. This makes them ideally suited to areas requiring maximum hygiene and cleanability.

Fire & Heat Resistant

Dortek FRP fire doors meet over 50 independent tested specifications compliant with worldwide regulations. Our fire rated FRP doors are completely heat resistant and designed to withstand areas with high humidity and extreme temperatures.


The in-organic, closed cell core of Dortek molded FRP doors means they do not absorb moisture. They remain unaffected from exposure to chlorinated water, steam and cleaning chemicals. Dortek doors will not swell, rot, rust or warp even after years of usage.

Chemical Resistant

The non-porous smooth hygienic surfaces of Dortek FRP doors make them extremely easy to clean. Dortek molded FRP doors have excellent resistance to most disinfectants, solvents and other strong chemicals including H2O2. Have a look at our chemical resistance Have a look at our chemical resistance test for more details.

Extreme Strength & Durability

Dortek molded FRP doors are built to last, even in the harshest of environments; our doors will not dent, warp, swell, rot or rust. Dortek FRP doors are proven to outperform steel and wood alternatives, bringing you a lifetime of durability and the ultimate cost effective solution. Have a look at our strength test for more information.

Blue molded FRP doors.


42% lighter than wood and steel doors, Dortek FRP doors are much safer and easier to operate. Heavier doors often require expensive maintenance work or replacement due to excessive wear on hinges and closers.


Dortek fiberglass doors are available in a wide range of  colors. Unlike alternatives, color is built into a Dortek door during the manufacturing process. The outer skin of the door has a gel coat finish which is chemically bonded to the glass fiber. This ensures that the door will never require repainting or refinishing. View Dorteks colour chart here. 

Custom Made

We understand that not all projects are the same. All of our molded FRP doors are custom made to meet your needs exactly. We can produce hygienic doors which are capable of resisting fire, water, laser, x-ray or a combination of requirements.

Maintenance Free 

Dortek doors are exceptionally lightweight, impact resistant with long lasting built in color. This gives them low life cycle costs and means they are often proven to outlive their usage.

Uncompromising Quality

Were so confident about the quality of our Doors that we can offer a guarantee for up to 25 years on our door blades. This is against failure due to corrosion, swelling, rot, warp, separation, delamination or expansion. *subject to our terms and conditions.

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