Waterproof Doors

Dortek manufactures an extensive range of waterproof doors for areas of high moisture content including: Leisure centres, pharmaceutical and food facilities.

Waterproof doors need to be strong, durable and lightweight to be able to withstand heavy usage. At the same time, they need to be hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Our unique range of GRP doors meet and exceed these requirements and meet the European EN1634-1 standards of fire certification, meaning they are fire tested and approved for up to 5 hours.

Our one-piece moulded construction waterproof door solutions prevent internal decay to door structures or chemical or biological attacks.

-One-piece moulded construction impervious to moisture.

-Won’t rust, rot or warp.

-Easy to clean with minimal maintenance.

-More hygienic than laminate or steel doors.

-Unaffected by steam, chlorine, most chemicals or cleaning agents.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Doors

Research Facility Doors

Food Manufacturing Doors

Leisure Centre Doors

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