Dortek have supplied a state of the art, COVID vaccine research facility in Oxford.

We recently installed 32 Dortek DT5 Automated sliders into clean areas for carrying out less critical stages in the manufacture of sterile products with automations on the outside. The specifications were for APR gas tight hinged doors on the VHP fumigation boundary, but the client decided to go for our Hermetic sliders to give larger clear openings which meant more space inside the air lock.

Material Airlocks ( MAL ) and Pedestrian Airlock ( PAL ) doors were interlocked, so only one can be open at a time to stop cross infection and to control air disturbance.

All the door Interlocking systems along with hinged and sliding doors automations are activated by LED push buttons with Green / Red status indicators.  Flush-mounted electromagnetic locks were fitted to the door and frame head to aid ease of cleaning.

The doors were featured in a BBC news clip: Panorama – The Race for a Vaccine – check out our LinkedIn post to see the full clip

BBC One – Panorama, The Race for a Vaccine


Medical Device Manufacturing in Ireland

Dortek have recently completed an installation for a global leader in Medical Device Manufacturing of Transcatheter Heart Valves in Ireland. We installed our Fully Glazed Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors in combination with our fire rated & non-fire rated flush viewing Hygieniglaze Window Systems within this multipurpose manufacturing, assembly and warehouse building.

This multinational client built a new facility incorporating cleanrooms to provide innovative solutions for people fighting cardiovascular disease. The Dortek non fire rated Hygieniglaze Window Systems were positioned between the boxing and production rooms providing unobstructed viewing for continuation of the production lines between zones. Dortek also supplied an array of fire rated Hygieniglaze Window Systems, providing 1 hour fire resistance to EN standards, allowing viewing between the corridors and the production floor.

The Fully Glazed Hermetic sealing doors were a combination of automated Single and Bi Parting Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors giving flush hygienic doors with maximum visibility for staff, while also providing interlocking between the other automated door systems. These door systems were important in maintaining the air pressurization and access control in critical cleanroom zones.

Hygienic glass sliding doors in a medical centre. A double glass door.

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