Dortek adds Retail Doors to its BIM objects

Dortek has extended its BIM objects to include our range of retail doors.

Dortek is the leading supplier of high quality crash doors for the retail industry. Our strong, hard-wearing doors are built to last and have a trouble free life span. Designed & constructed to industry leading standards, all our doors comply with the latest fire, DDA, hygiene & safety standards.

Dortek are continuously extending our range of BIM objects with a total of 21 different product categories now available for download from the website. The Dortek product range includes retail doors, hinged hygienic doors, sliding hygienic doors, hygienic fire rated doors, lead lined doors, hermetic doors, transfer hatches and hygienic windows. All our objects are available in user friendly Revit file format and are Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and COBie compatible.

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Download Dortek’s BIM Objects here.

China Stem Cell Clinical Applications Center – Hong Kong Science Park

Dortek have recently supplied ultra hygienic door systems to CRMI’s (China Regenerative Medicine International) China Applications Center in Hong Kong. The center is set to be a world-class GMP centre specializing in stem cell clinical applications and gene therapy, as well as a regional supply centre of cellular products for related research and medical institutions.

The centre in Hong Kong aims to bridge the long unresolved gap between basic research scientists and clinicians by providing various clinical-graded stem cells, including autologous stem cells, allogeneic stem cells, and genetically-modified stem cells. These stem cells are suitable for various clinical applications including immunotherapy, neural regeneration, cardiovascular regeneration, bone and connective tissue regeneration, ocular regeneration, and human organ regeneration.

The state-of-the-art facility complies with the highest standards set forth by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

Dortek supplied 20 single action GRP doors with an hour’s fire rating. Our void free doors are free from cracks and joints making them the most hygienic solution for research facilities. The moulded seamless construction of a Dortek door makes it easy to clean, non absorbent and able to withstand the intensive cleaning regimes used in healthcare research and production facilities.

About CRMI

China Regenerative Medicine International is a tissue engineering company. With only 5,000 corneas donated each year for transplants, millions of Chinese citizens who need a cornea transplant to regain their eyesight have been forced to wait–or give up hope. But since 2000, CRMI has been working on an artificial cornea that could be used instead of donated ones. It landed on an unprecedented idea–to use pigs’ corneas, rather than constructing wholly artificial ones–and in 2013 clinical trials; they produced stunning results, with more than 90% of patients responding well to the surgery.

In 2015, the China Food and Drug Administration approved the artificial corneas for widespread use, and CRMI began mass production. CRMI also announced a partnership with China Resources Healthcare Group to help the company bring its groundbreaking product to hospitals and providers. The partnership will also provide a platform to promote its other regenerative products, which focus on skin and cartilage.

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