Cleanroom Sliding Doors

Two cleanroom sliding doors.

The use of sliding doors in cleanroom environments has proven to be an effective solution for enhancing efficiency. These specialized doors offer numerous benefits that contribute to maintaining the required cleanliness levels and improving workflow.

Firstly, sliding cleanroom doors ensure a tight seal when closed, preventing any unwanted contaminants from entering the cleanroom. This helps to maintain the integrity of the controlled environment and protect sensitive processes or products from potential contamination.

Sliding doors simply cut through the air causing minimal disturbance in clean room environments, whereas swing doors disrupt the airflow each time they are opened. This uncontrolled air can accelerate the spread of airborne micro-organisms by air currents and may result in cross contamination in clean rooms.

Secondly, sliding cleanroom doors are designed with smooth surfaces and minimal crevices, making them easy to clean and sanitize. This reduces downtime for cleaning procedures and allows for quick restoration of operations.

Additionally, cleanroom sliding doors provide seamless access between different areas within the cleanroom, facilitating smooth flow of personnel and equipment. Their ergonomic design also enhances user comfort and convenience during frequent movements.

Overall, by incorporating sliding doors into cleanroom facilities, organizations can optimize efficiency by minimizing contamination risks, streamlining cleaning processes, and improving overall workflow.

A white cleanroom sliding door.

Sliding Cleanroom Doors:

• Create up to 70% less air disturbance than swing doors
• Reduce the spread of micro-organisms
• Is safer, provides convenient access for high traffic areas
• Generate extra floor space: on average 10-15%
• A better solution for those with limited space
• Eliminate the chance of a door being opened into someone.

Dortek have a range of FRP cleanroom sliding doors and hermetic sliding doors designed specifically for hygienic areas. Our doors are proven to maximise efficiency, safety and cleanability in the most demanding cleanroom environments. Contact us for more information at

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