Molded FRP Doors: The Superior Choice for Cleanrooms


Cleanrooms require doors that can maintain a sterile environment, resist corrosion, and withstand frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals. This blog compares the performance of molded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) doors with powder-coated steel doors in cleanroom applications, highlighting the advantages of molded FRP doors.


Cleanrooms are controlled environments used in manufacturing, scientific research, and medical facilities where pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles are limited. Doors in these environments must meet stringent standards for cleanliness, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

Molded FRP doors in a short walkway.

Advantages of Molded FRP Doors

Durability and Strength

Molded FRP doors are known for their exceptional strength and rigidity due to the uniform distribution of fibers achieved during the molding process. This results in a door that can withstand heavy use and accidental impacts without compromising its integrity.

Chemical and Impact Resistance

The seamless construction of molded FRP doors provides superior chemical resistance, making them ideal for environments with exposure to corrosive substances. They also offer better impact resistance compared to doors with seams or joints, which can be vulnerable to damage.

A molded FRP door in a small room.

Long-Term Performance

Molded FRP doors are designed for longevity, requiring minimal maintenance over their lifespan. They do not rot, rust, swell, warp, or corrode, ensuring that they remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for years.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

The non-porous surface of molded FRP doors makes them easy to clean and disinfect, a critical feature for cleanroom applications. They can withstand the toughest cleaning regimes, including vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and chlorine releasing agents.

Disadvantages of Powder Coated Steel Doors

Corrosion and Maintenance

While powder-coated steel doors can resist common alcohol-based cleaners, they may degrade over time when exposed to harsher chemicals used in cleanrooms. This can lead to increased maintenance and potential replacement costs.

Weight and Installation

The weight of steel doors can pose challenges during installation, requiring special equipment and care to handle and position correctly. This can increase the complexity and cost of installation.

Aesthetic Limitations

Powder-coated steel doors may not offer the same level of customization and aesthetic options as molded FRP doors, which can be finished with various colors and textures.


Molded FRP doors outperform powder-coated steel doors in cleanroom applications due to their superior durability, chemical and impact resistance, long-term performance, and ease of maintenance. Their ability to maintain hygiene and cleanliness makes them the preferred choice for facilities aiming to adhere to strict cleanroom standards.

Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Doors

In bustling industrial environments where safety and efficiency are paramount, finding the right door solution can be a challenge. That’s where the Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door comes in – a robust, high-speed roll door designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern workplaces while prioritising personal safety and energy efficiency.

NR344 rapid roll door


Unparalleled Safety and Efficiency

The Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door is engineered to shield effectively against drafts, dust, and noise, enhancing personal safety in busy interior openings. With its rapid and reliable operation, this door ensures seamless access while maintaining a secure environment.

At the heart of its operation lies the A4.0 drive unit, featuring a robust worm gear drive and advanced vector-inverter control with a monitored brake function. This powerhouse can handle up to seven openings per minute, boasting an integrated absolute encoder for precise control. With opening speeds reaching up to 2.5 m/s and closing speeds up to 1.2 m/s, the Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door offers unmatched performance in its class.

Compact Design, Maximum Efficiency

Designed with space-saving in mind, the Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door features compact frame columns, covers, and a bottom beam constructed from anodized aluminium. At just 80mm wide, these components are easily detachable, allowing for hassle-free installation and maintenance. Safety photocell curtains, well-protected within the frames, ensure comprehensive safety without compromising on space.

Innovative Door Panel Technology

The patented Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door panel sets a new standard for durability and safety. Constructed with PVC coated double reinforced woven fabric, this 2mm thick panel is exceptionally resilient. The door panel is approved for use in food manufacturing and has carbon fibres woven into the fabric to protect it from static electricity.

Flexible Control Options

The Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door offers a flexible control system, programmable to accommodate various operational requirements. With a 4.3″ full-colour touch display, programming and monitoring operational information are effortless. Integrated safety features, including safety photocell curtains and automatic emergency openings, provide peace of mind in any situation.

Meeting High Standards

The Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door prioritises safety at every level. Located at the base of the door panel, a self-monitoring electric safety edge ensures immediate reversal of the door if any obstruction is detected. This safety feature is seamlessly integrated with a wireless connection to the door control system, enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, a safety photocell within the door line triggers the door to open position in the event of interruption. Optional light curtains provide an additional layer of safety, ensuring comprehensive protection in all operating conditions.

Customisation for Every Need

The Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Door can be tailored to suit specific requirements, whether it’s high-temperature application or ESD-safe doors. With alternative actuators the possibilities are endless, ensuring the door seamlessly integrates into any environment.

Experience the benefits of High-Speed Vertical Doors

Compact, efficient, and incredibly safe, the Dortek 344 Vertical High Speed Doors is the ultimate solution for environments where performance and safety are non-negotiable. With its innovative design and cutting-edge features, it’s not just a door – it’s a game-changer for industries worldwide.

The Dortek 344 high speed door is also available on NBS Source –

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