Insect Barrier Doors to Protect Food Processing Facilities

Dortek insect barrier doors are the most effective way to keep food facilities bug and rodent free. Not only do insects and other vermin affect worker productivity, they also contaminate food and degrade product quality. Dortek offer a range of doors which help to minimise bug induced downtime, whilst also increasing product quality and hygiene.

Dortek recently completed a project for a major nutritional company who required light tight doors to prevent ants from entering the manufacturing plant and ending up in the finished product.

Our GMP compliant doors are constructed from glass reinforced polyester which is extremely strong and lightweight. The smooth and seamless surface is easy to clean and does not harbour bacteria. It is also resistant to moisture and all common cleaning chemicals.  All Dortek doors are custom built to the exact opening size and are available in array of standard or bespoke colours, sizes and configurations.

Typical Benefits of Dortek Doors:Edge of a yellow door.

  • Keeps unwanted small insects / animals out
  • Improves hygiene
  • Easy to clean and moisture proof
  • Will not rot, rust, swell or warp
  • Fire resistant
  • Up to 42% lighter than steel and laminate doors
  • Easy to maintain with low life cycle costs
  • Ideal for food processing, packaging and manufacturing facilities.


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