Novosprint Mono

Space and time-saving solution for unhindered, non-contact pedestrian traffic. As a high-speed door opening to one side, NOVOSPRINT Mono was designed specifically for narrow passage openings. It offers many advantages compared to hinged, swing or sliding doors.

The most important feature is that with a rebate profile depth of just 35 mm on the wall side, this installation variant makes almost the entire opening width available for use.

Novosprint Duo

NOVOSPRINT Duo doors have two leaves that can be activated independently of each other in one opening.

That makes them ideal for separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic or creating a two-lane forklift route, e.g. for safety reasons.

If the entire width is needed at any time, all that needs to be done is to open both leaves and remove the lane partition

Novosprint Syncro Xl

Fast, safe, trouble-free: you can rely on all the NOVOSPRINT benefits even with large openings.

SyncroXL allows you to protect highly frequented passage openings reliably and minimise the opening times.

With doors up to 9 m wide and 6 m high, even very large motor and rail vehicles can get through.

High Speed Vertical Doors

Designed to save energy and create better working conditions where fast access is required.

Dortek’s range of high-speed doors are eco-efficient high-speed internal and external doors designed to prevent cross-contamination, save energy consumption and reduce the sound of noisy plant and guard machinery.

Our durable exterior doors are designed to cope with heavy usage and demanding weather conditions, while their fast operation improves productivity and helps lower energy costs by reducing the impact of pressure and temperature changes.

Our robust internal doors also improve hygiene and sound insulation and are suitable for clean, industrial and cold room applications.

Cleanroom Windows

Specifically designed for healthcare, pharmaceutical and cleanroom environments, Dortek windows are double or multiple glazed with an ultra-clean flush surface.

Our hygienic windows are constructed with two outer panes of 6mm thick glass which is flush fitting to both sides of the frame.

Frames are constructed from powder-coated or polished stainless steel or GRP, with no fixings or screws to maximise hygiene and cleanability.

Dortek hygienic windows are fire tested to *BS & EN standards* for up to 120 minutes of fire resistance (GRP framed option) and 60 minutes (Stainless Steel framed option).

Our windows can be offered with integral blinds, smart glass, lead lining or laser protection.

Transfer Hatches

Hygienic Transfer Hatches and Trolley Hatches

Pass through hatches are often vital to a cleanroom’s efficient operation, whether it is raw materials in, finished product or packed items out or the throughput as part of the manufacturing process.

Hygienic transfer hatches/trolley hatches and are designed to provide a safe and easy way to transfer products or materials between clean rooms and adjacent non-sterile areas.

Dortek’s range of hygienic transfer hatches has either electromagnetic or mechanically interlocked doors to prevent depressurisation and minimise the risk of contamination.

The doors are deliberately not sealed in order to allow a small volume of air from the clean side (which is normally at higher pressure) to continuously flush the interior of the hatch. This volume is so small by comparison with room air flows, that it will have no perceptible effect on room pressures.

Dortek offers a wide range of standard-sized, custom made and lead-lined hygienic transfer hatches.


Spacelite Stacking Doors

Stacking Doors

The Butzbach SPACELITE stacking door has been designed specifically for application in industrial or workshop buildings.

The twin-walled design of the fibreglass element enables excellent thermal insulation; a complete seal prevents unnecessary energy loss and draught. The robust door material is resistant and absorbs impact. Our stacking doors are weather and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for harsh environments.

Upon opening, the separate light-transmitting fibreglass door panels stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel. Lighting fixtures, transport devices, air ventilation units or other equipment on the ceiling are not influenced by the structures.

Due to the wall attachment, the minimum space requirement and the adaptability the door can be installed in nearly any situation, also in case of refurbishments.

A service free gear motor (400 V) with a break and thermal overload protection guarantees reliable opening and closing. Mechanical overload protection as an additional safety feature is also available. In case of a power failure mechanical opening possible.


Sectiolite Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors

The Butzbach SECTIOLITE combines the opening technology of a sectional door with the product and material related benefits of fibreglass. Offering individual adaptations with many optional accessories, it was conceived to fulfil the highest demands in solidity and endurance.

A trouble-free operation is ensured by the absence of wear- or risk-sensitive components like torsion springs or protruding hinges. The result is a long-lasting and cost-effective availability of the door.

Upon opening, the door sections are deflected and guided along with the ceiling into the interior of the building. The door is particularly suitable for constructions with low lintel since the standard version merely requires a lintel height of 300 mm.

The SECTIOLITE door achieves outstanding values regarding air permeability, resistance to wind load and resistance to water penetration. The twin-walled fibreglass panels ensure good thermal insulation is achieved and a seal around the door prevents unnecessary energy losses and draft in the building.

The door also offers numerous design options including three colour options, colour coated aluminium profiles and fibreglass incorporating images.

Dortek Fire Roller Shutter Doors

The Fire Rated Roller Shutter is a versatile and durable product with tested fire-resistant properties. It is designed for environments where there is a need for a physical security deterrent and also protection from fire.

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