Hermetic Sealing Sliding Lead Lined Doors

Dortek produces seamless, hygienic, lead-lined doors that are ideally suited to hospital and other environments where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance.

Lead-lined door sets incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thicknesses. This protection extends through the door frames, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions.

These doors have a unique patented track system that enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce air handling costs, cross-contamination and wound infections. Faced with ledge-free HPL they are easy to clean requiring minimal maintenance.

Options include models officially tested with 60 minutes of fire resistance.

Hermetic Sealing Hinged Door

Dortek hermetically sealing hygienic hinged doors are designed for areas where control of air leakage is critical.

There are many applications for these doors including cleanroom, laboratories, BSL3 & BSL4 labs and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Also, any other areas requiring a clean, hygienic well sealing door.

The door has a unique wrap-around frame with a neoprene seal incorporated which enables the door to seal perfectly.

Air leakage has been independently tested and results up to 250 pa pressure differential are available on request.

Certified hermetic sealing: Class 3 /4 according to EN 12207:2000 (air permeability certificate).

Food Facility Doors

  • Hygienic waterproof GRP doors have been designed for non-fire rated areas.
  • Dortek hygienic doors will not warp, rot or rust.
  • The doors smooth and seamless construction means there are no ledges where bacteria can gather.
  • The one piece encapsulation means that these doors are 100% waterproof.

Waterproof Research Facility Doors

  • Hygienic one piece moulded waterproof doors designed to prevent internal decay and chemical or biological attacks.
  • The one piece encapsulation means that these doors are 100% waterproof.
  • The doors smooth and seamless construction means there are no ledges where bacteria can gather.
  • Dortek waterproof doors will not warp, rot or rust.
  • Unaffected by steam, chlorine, most chemicals or cleaning agents.
  • More hygienic than doors with inorganic cores such as timber.

Ecosprint Syncro Door

The ultimate fast action cleanroom door for energy saving.

The ECOPSPRINT Syncro is the double-leaf, synchronous and side-opening fast action door. With spring force, both door leaves are simultaneously raised in seconds and rolled up in a compact upright profile – ideal for fast logistics processes, forklift traffic and air-conditioning locks.

The classic Butzbach high-speed door that rolls the door skins of both door halves to the side in a fraction of a second. The entire passage height is immediately available. This principle is superior to conventional doors in all aspects: through flexibility in adapting to your requirements, protection against collision damage, maximum reliability and economic efficiency in the long term.

The ECOSPRINT high speed door can be ordered up to a size of 3500 mm x 3500 mm. The fast action door is also available in a wide range of colours. The Anti-crash protection prevents damage to the door and the horizontal opening & saves space. There is Less heat loss due to the fast-closing speed.


Novosprint Syncro

The classic in terms of design, a latest-generation high-speed door in terms of technology: spring force pulls both door leaves open at the same time and rolls them into a compact stand profile.

With the “Sprint” option, the door can achieve a top speed of up to 5 m/s. It is closed again immediately by a reliable electric motor.

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