Dortek Pharmaceutical Doors

Our hygienic doors are for use in the pharmaceutical, cleanroom and research laboratory industries. As our biggest market sector, we have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we ensure that our doors remain at the cutting edge of cleanroom technology.

Our glass reinforced polyester (GRP) fire rated doors meet over 50 independent tested specifications which are compliant with worldwide regulations. They are completely heat resistant and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high levels of humidity.

How are Dortek GRP pharmaceutical doors unique from others?

  • They do not harbour bacteria unlike alternative laminate, timber, or steel doors.
  • They have a void free and non-porous construction which is designed to meet cGMP and GLP requirements.
  • They are corrosion resistant and remain unaffected from exposure to chlorinated water, steam and cleaning chemicals.
  • Dortek pharmaceutical doors will not swell, rot, rust, or warp and will withstand years of usage.
  • Our doors have a completely flush construction which is sealed on all sides -no seams, gaps or cavities for bacteria or dirt to gather.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing with a range of permanent gelcoat colour finishes.
  • They are custom fabricated – doors can be manufactured to virtually any standard or custom size.
  • They have a solid core construction – which adds strength and the ability to adapt to different usage or performance applications.
  • Independently tested fire ratings – Dortek doors can be manufactured and labelled with fire ratings up to 4 hours, allowing for appropriate installation in fire-rated walls.

We have worked on many projects with worldwide leading pharmaceutical companies including, GSK, Pfizer and Genzyme along with many more. You can read more about our projects here.

For more information about our pharmaceutical doors or any of our other products, please contact us via our enquiry form and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

Research Laboratory Doors

Research laboratory doors must meet rigorous standards with regards to both primary and secondary containment systems. They have requirements for infection control, structural durability, biosecurity, decontamination, procedures and administrative controls.  

Here at Dortek, we have worked on many projects with some amazing businesses with the need for research Laboratory Doors. For example, we have worked on projects at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, with AstraZeneca in Cheshire, Dana Farber and many more. You can read about each of our case studies here.

Dortek’s solutions are designed to improve performance, quality and personal safety as well as ensuring compliance to ever-increasing regulatory demands. We have been manufacturing our specialist hygienic doors for more than five decades and have delivered solutions to world leading research laboratories worldwide. 

Our research laboratory doors: 

  • Are built to last – our doors will not dent, warp, swell, rot or rust 
  • Are resistant to water, chemicals and fumigation agents 
  • Have a smooth, non-porous smooth hygienic finish, maximising infection control and ease of cleaning 
  • Have an inorganic timber-free construction to prevent bacterial growth or harbouring vermin 
  • Can offer up to 4 hours fire protection 

For more information about our Research Laboratory Doors, fill out our enquiry form via the Contact Us  page on our website. 


Specialist Research Laboratory Doors for a World Renowned Facility

Dortek, along with our partners, Life Science Products are pleased to announce the completion of a successful project at St Jude Childrens Research Hospital in Memphis TN. Dortek and LSP, beginning in 2018 worked with the project team to design and manufacture specialist research laboratory doors for this world renowned facility. Dortek’s international experience and in depth knowledge of large laboratory projects  gave the project team confidence in Dortek’s ability to deliver such a large project on time and on budget. The scope of work included manufacture, install and commissioning of 270 door systems. Special features included: STC (Acoustic) rating, fire rating, hermetic sealing, chemical resistance &  automation.

VP of US Operations, Michael O’Rourke Comment: “We are extremely proud to have been part of this project and to support research at this facility.  From the outset, the project teams focus was solely on supporting researchers and giving them the best possible facility to carry out their life saving and life changing studies. Research undertaken at St Jude in Memphis saves children’s lives around the world. To play a small part in supporting such a facility fills all at Dortek with great pride.”

Facility Note:

“The Advanced Research Center will play a substantial role in new scientific discoveries as the new home to several shared resources, including a biorepository, advanced microscopy and gene editing. There, top scientists from around the world will have leading-edge resources and opportunities to pursue breakthroughs in a space that fosters teamwork and generates new ideas.”

LSP Note: LSP are the leading supplier of clean construction materials for laboratory facilities in the US. Dortek and LSP have worked in partnership since 2016 and continue to support the biomedical research industry.

Hygienic Doors for Laboratories

Here at Dortek our Hygienic GRP Laboratory Doors are built to last, even in the harshest of environments. This means our timber-free doors will not swell, warp or bow and will not rot or rust. It is important for laboratory doors to be watertight and resistant to chemicals, fumigation, bacterial growth and harbouring vermin. Dortek hygienic GRP doors not only meet but also exceed these expectations. We have been manufacturing specialist hygienic doors for over 50 years, providing solutions for laboratories around the world.

Our doors improve performance, quality, and personal safety, as well as being designed to meet the biological containment needs of research laboratories. The standards are rigorous when it comes to the engineering and containment systems, and each facility has specific requirements such as infection control, decontamination, structural durability, biosecurity, procedures, and administrative controls.

If you would like more information about our hygienic laboratory doors, why not ask one of our experts on our website and they will be more than happy to help you with your project needs. Alternatively, if you would like to request a quote, you can do so via our Request A Quote section on our site.

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