Research Laboratory Doors

Yellow Research Laboratory Doors.                    

Research laboratory doors must meet rigorous standards with regards to both primary and secondary containment systems. They have requirements for infection control, structural durability, biosecurity, decontamination, procedures and administrative controls.  

Here at Dortek, we have worked on many projects with some amazing businesses with the need for research Laboratory Doors. For example, we have worked on projects at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, with AstraZeneca in Cheshire, Dana Farber and many more. You can read about each of our case studies here.

Dortek’s solutions are designed to improve performance, quality and personal safety as well as ensuring compliance to ever-increasing regulatory demands. We have been manufacturing our specialist hygienic doors for more than five decades and have delivered solutions to world leading research laboratories worldwide. 

Our research laboratory doors: 

  • Are built to last – our doors will not dent, warp, swell, rot or rust 
  • Are resistant to water, chemicals and fumigation agents 
  • Have a smooth, non-porous smooth hygienic finish, maximising infection control and ease of cleaning 
  • Have an inorganic timber-free construction to prevent bacterial growth or harbouring vermin 
  • Can offer up to 4 hours fire protection 

For more information about our Research Laboratory Doors, fill out our enquiry form via the Contact Us  page on our website. 


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