Dortek 7030 HS Roller Doors

The high-speed roller door combines the efficiency and space-saving qualities of a high-speed roller door with the efficiency and practicality of an insulated roller door to offer a door that can be used either inside or on the outside of a building – 2 industrial roller doors in one!! This is the future for all energy-efficient industrial doors with low maintenance costs and very low wear and tear from use.

Dortek Roller Shutter Doors HRS 120

The HR 120 S is a classic single-skinned steel roller shutter door for unheated buildings – this includes shopping centres, warehouses, storage buildings, agricultural buildings and any other unheated building. When a large robust roller shutter is required, the HR 120 S is perfect. Due to the large concave profile, the shutter remains flexible yet rigid and corresponds with wind resistance even in larger shutters.

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