Dortek Fire Roller Shutter Doors 

Our fire rated shutters are suitable for a wide variety of environments including industrial, retail, security or commercial applications.

The door design has been successfully furnace tested on both a rigid (masonry or steel) and a flexible (timber stud) structure. The design meets the essential characteristics of BS EN 16034:2014 and BS EN 13241:1:2003, providing peace of mind that the fire shutters are of the highest quality and are fully compliant with the latest British Standards.

In the event of a fire, an interface relay panel, which is connected to
the fire alarm, enables the actuation of a powered controlled descent
of the shutter by a 240v AC tubular motor. An uninterruptable power
supply (UPS) / battery backup unit is utilised to ensure that when the
fire alarm is activated, the shutter will close even if there is a mains
power failure.

A push button station or key switch provides normal,
everyday operation. The shutter utilises a curtain assembled from
sections of 2” flat lath which allows for a more compact box, reducing
the head space requirement above the opening, and making it more
aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial Plant Doors

Automotive Industry Doors

Warehouse Doors

Logistics Doors

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