Novosprint Duo

NOVOSPRINT Duo doors have two leaves that can be activated independently of each other in one opening.

That makes them ideal for separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic or creating a two-lane forklift route, e.g. for safety reasons.

If the entire width is needed at any time, all that needs to be done is to open both leaves and remove the lane partition

Novosprint Mono

Space and time-saving solution for unhindered, non-contact pedestrian traffic. As a high-speed door opening to one side, NOVOSPRINT Mono was designed specifically for narrow passage openings. It offers many advantages compared to hinged, swing or sliding doors.

The most important feature is that with a rebate profile depth of just 35 mm on the wall side, this installation variant makes almost the entire opening width available for use.

Novosprint Syncro

The classic in terms of design, a latest-generation high-speed door in terms of technology: spring force pulls both door leaves open at the same time and rolls them into a compact stand profile.

With the “Sprint” option, the door can achieve a top speed of up to 5 m/s. It is closed again immediately by a reliable electric motor.

Novosprint Syncro Xl

Fast, safe, trouble-free: you can rely on all the NOVOSPRINT benefits even with large openings.

SyncroXL allows you to protect highly frequented passage openings reliably and minimise the opening times.

With doors up to 9 m wide and 6 m high, even very large motor and rail vehicles can get through.

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