Hygienic Touchless Door Activation

Up to 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.

Door handles and touch devices are some of the most vulnerable areas in buildings for the spread of bacteria or viruses. One contaminated touch can easily set off a chain reaction of cross contamination throughout a building.

As germs grow more aggressive and become more resistant to antibiotics and other treatments, it’s imperative to try and eliminate sources of cross contamination to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Touchless door activation is an extremely effective way to do this.

Dortek’s touchless door switches are the hygienic solution to prevent infection or viruses from being transmitted via conventional door handles or push buttons. The switch automatically triggers the door opening ensuring no contact is required.

Dortek have a range of touchless door solutions to make opening doors simple and germ free. We can provide wall switches with LED back-lighting to illuminate the switch at all times. This enables the switch to be easily located even in low light conditions.


– Hygienic touch free operation
– Adjustable detection range from 5-40cm
– Adjustable door-open period
– Water resistant
– Sleek flush mounted design
– Illuminated versions available.

For further information on our range of touchless door options please contact your local Dortek office or email info@dortek.com.

Three Dortek touchless doors.


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