Novosprint Mono High-Speed Door

The Butzbach NOVOSPRINT Mono is a high-speed door with a sideways opening door leaf, specially designed for fast, unobstructed, and contactless traffic.

As it is a high-speed door with a single lateral opening, it offers many advantages compared to swing, stackable or sliding doors. It is the ideal solution for narrow passages or corridors, where there is limited space.

With a rebate profile depth of just 35 mm on the wall side, this installation variant makes almost the entire opening width available for use.

The side opening ensures no dirt gets from the ground onto workers or the goods being transported. Unlike vertically opening doors, dust or liquids can’t be pulled upwards with the closing edge before then falling or dripping down.

The NOVOSPRINT high speed door range is an investment that pays off, more efficiency, greater reliability and a long service life.

A blue Novosprint Mono high-speed door.

The Butzbach Novosprint Mono door product benefits:

• “Disappearing leaf effect”: Ideal for corridors where a door shall be placed in the clear width, without space at the sides
• Minimum space requirements: Only compact projecting parts on the closing side of the corridor
• Advantage compared to hinged or sliding doors: No disturbing pivoting range or fixed leaf
• Sideward opening: total height open immediately
• Efficient protection against draught or heat loss
• Access control possible with transponder
• Full automatic function for pedestrian traffic
• Very high opening speed – minimises the transfer of dust, draught and noise
• Comprehensive safety relevant equipment
• Optional hygiene version
• *Springs with warranty 500000 openings: An investment which pays well
• Ideal for confined installation situations and highly frequented routes

A yellow Novosprint Mono high-speed door.

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