Sector: Retail Doors

Dortek’s Retail Sector Experience

Within supermarkets and other retail environments the requirements for hygiene are extremely high. Dortek doors have been used extensively throughout major retail chains and supermarkets across the world.

We understand the importance of robust doors which are built to last and do not suffer the day to day wear that can be caused by the movement of trolleys and equipment. Strong and hard-wearing with a long trouble free life span our doors are both aesthetically pleasing and competitively priced.

Designed and constructed to industry leading standards, all our doors comply with the latest fire, DDA, hygiene and safety standards.

Our dedicated retail department combines experience and a tradition of craftsmanship with the most efficient production techniques to ensure that even the large, fast-track projects can be handled effectively.

Dortek Retail doors are specifically designed for supermarkets, retail outlets, food preparation areas, bakeries, distribution and warehousing.

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Dortek provides solutions for the top 10 retailers in the UK

Dortek offered great flexibility, excellent suggestions, and superb installation. The Dortek staff and worldwide representatives are courteous, proactive, available, and very knowledgeable. Design and Build Contractor