Double Action GRP Crash Door

  • Water resistant
  • Will not warp, rot, swell or rust
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Ideal for heavy traffic
  • Door frame options to suit different wall constructions
  • Double action hinges available in 3 variations
  • Fitted with polypropylene bumpers as standard
  • Single glazed acrylic windows in aluminium frame.
Double Action GRP Crash Door

Double Action GRP Fire Door

  • Core - Vermiculite board, 35mm thick and of 380kg per cubic metre density. Thermal conductivity 0.05 W/m sq.
  • Facing - Seamless hygienic moulded fire retardant polyester 2.5mm thick. Moisture absorption zero.
  • Finish - Smooth non-porous fire retardant gel-coat finish with built in colour.
  • Fire Rating - As building regulations and fire officer requirement tested to BS 476 part 22
  • Glazing - Triple glazed with laminate safety glass outer panes finished flush with both faces of door, centre pane Georgian wired or ceramic glass, (30 & 60 min doors only)
Double Action GRP Fire Door

Ecosprint Syncro Door

  • The ECOSPRINT Syncro is a Double-leaf, synchronous and side-opening high speed door.
  • The classic Butzbach high-speed door that rolls the door skins of both door halves to the side in a fraction of a second.
  • Offers maximum reliability and economic efficiency in the long term.
  • The ultimate fast action door with a closing speed that reduces draughts and heat exchange.
  • The full clearance height is immediately available.
  • Minimal collision damage.
  • Available in sizes up to 3500 mm x 3500 mm.
  • Closing speed max. 1,5 m/s; Opening speed max 3,0 m/s.
Ecosprint Syncro Door

Novosprint Syncro

  • The classic in terms of design, a latest-generation high-speed door in terms of technology: spring force pulls both door leaves open at the same time and rolls them into a compact stand profile.
  • Double leaf, synchronised side-opening high-speed door
  • For widths up to 4.5 m and heights up to 4.5 m.
  • Opens at up to 5 m/s (with option Sprint).
  • Ideal for fast logistics processes in the hall, forklift traffic, entry air locks.
Novosprint Syncro

Novosprint Mono

  • Space and time-saving solution for unhindered, non-contact pedestrian traffic. As a high-speed door opening to one side, NOVOSPRINT Mono was designed specifically for narrow passage openings. It offers many advantages compared to hinged, swing or sliding doors.
  • The most important feature is that with a rebate profile depth of just 35 mm on the wall side, this installation variant makes almost the entire opening width available for use.
  • High-speed door opening to one side.
  • Minimum space requirement.
  • Fully automatic function for pedestrian traffic.
  • Ideal for confined installation situations and highly frequented routes, e.g. in retail or in the healthcare sector.
Novosprint Mono

Novosprint Duo

  • NOVOSPRINT Duo doors have two leaves that can be activated independently of each other in one opening.
  • That makes them ideal for separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic or creating a two-lane forklift route, e.g. for safety reasons.
  • If the entire width is needed at any time, all that needs to be done is to open both leaves and remove the lane partition
  • Side-opening high-speed door with asynchronous and individually controllable leaves.
  • Width up to 4.5 m and height up to 4.5 m
  • Ideal for separating lanes and pedestrian accesses in one opening.
Novosprint Duo

Novosprint Syncro Xl

  • Fast, safe, trouble-free: you can rely on all the NOVOSPRINT benefits even with large openings.
  • SyncroXL allows you to protect highly frequented passage openings reliably and minimise the opening times.
  • Double leaf, synchronised side-opening XL high-speed door
  • For widths up to 9 m and heights up to 6 m.
  • Ideal for heavy goods vehicles and large rail vehicles, forklift traffic, entry air locks.
Novosprint Syncro Xl
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