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  • Spire, Washington

    Spire, Washington

    Sunderland, UK, EMEA
    Doors installed: 28+
    Hygienic theatre doors in Spire, Washington.

    The Spire Washington Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that offers some of the best private healthcare available in the UK.


    The £1.3 million theatre suite refurbishment provided a modernised innovative design needed to support safety, infection prevention and ensure the highest standards of healthcare for patients and colleagues.


    Dortek designed, supplied and installed 28 automatic hygienic GRP doors with touchless activation and privacy vision panels across the three operating theatres. Dortek doors are constructed from GRP which is designed for hygiene critical areas. Dortek GRP doors (glass reinforced polyester) have a smooth and seamless construction with no ledges, recesses or right angles where dust or bacteria can be trapped and grow. GRP is very easy to keep clean and completely resistant to water, disinfectants and cleaning chemicals used in hospitals.

    Yellow doors in a white room.

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