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    Perth, Australia, APAC
    Doors installed: 12+
    Blue doorsets.

    ARC is a major contributor to the Australian and Asia-Pacific biomedical research, teaching and diagnostics sectors. Established more than 30 years ago, ARC meets the exacting world-class demands of contemporary biomedical research.


    The facility runs with a typical cascading air pressure regime with air passing from production rooms into a barrier corridor. During a routine cleaning exercise a small amount of dust was observed on the extract grilles of the doors leading from the production areas to the barrier corridor. The existing doors were hollow core and there were concerns that the voids inside the doors may contain bacteria loaded dust, so ARC carried out an investigation. Microbiological testing of samples taken from within the hollow door voids determined that the dust was indeed carrying multiple forms of bacteria, which is a major risk to facility operations.


    ARC specified Dortek hygienic GRP doors to remove the possibility of further bacterial growth. Dortek doors are extremely light weight and the seamless solid core construction ensures that bacterial growth cannot reoccur. The moulded GRP shell is incredibly robust ensuring that effective surface decontamination, using a variety of gaseous sterilants can be performed, without the risk of the door integrity being compromised. The project used a variety of Dortek sliding and hinged doors to maximise functionality, maintain optimum hygiene levels and improve layout & personnel flows.

    Yellow doors in a white room.

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