Oxford Biomedica Expansion Project

Doors inside of Oxford Biomedica.

Dortek has recently completed a project for a new state of the art cleanroom facility which will enable a leading international gene and cell therapy company to expand its bioprocessing operations and manufacturing capabilities.

From the outset Dortek were appointed to work alongside the project team to design, manufacture and install specialist hygienic GRP doors for the facility. Dortek doors were installed into GMP cleanroom suites, production areas and quality control laboratories.

The specialist areas have been designed in full compliance with MHRA regulations and conform to ISO cleanroom standards. This includes the use of zoned HVAC systems to maintain the segregation, cleanliness, air pressures and other environmental controls.

Choosing the correct door system is a critical part of the design within these facilities as the doors will dictate compliance with standards, ease of traffic movement, hygiene, fire regulations and balance of air movement. As well as this, doors must be seamless, waterproof, resistant to cleaning regimes and free of voids and organic material such as wood where bacteria could multiply.

Dortek supplied 160+ hygienic door systems, some doors had hermetic sealing for air pressure differential and VHP fumigation control. Doors were also supplied with fire and smoke test certifications. More than 60% of the hinged and sliding doors are automated and interlocked, actuated by touchless sensors for greater facility control against cross contamination.

Dortek hygienic GRP doors are completely free from cracks and joints making them the most hygienic solution. The moulded seamless construction of a Dortek door makes it easy to clean, non-absorbent and able to withstand the intensive cleaning regimes which are often used in cleanrooms and research laboratories.

Dortek’s Marketing Manager, Sheree Headspith, said: ‘We have built a strong reputation for supplying our specialist hygienic GRP doors to the biotechnology industry and the number and quality of projects we are being specified on continues to grow. We are delighted to be able to offer our expertise and knowledge on doors for these highly specialist facilities which are required to meet strict regulations and high standards of cleanliness.’

Four photos of clearoom doors all within the same facility.

Reasons why Dortek Hygienic GRP Doors are specified in Bioscience and Research facilities:

  • Smooth, seamless hygienic door construction
  • Door and frame completely void free – nowhere that moisture and bacteria can gather undetected
  • Ledges minimised (windows are completely flush to both sides of the door)
  • Hardware options – hinges, locks and closers can fit virtually any GRP door panel.
  • Resistant to the commonly used cleaning and fumigation agents used in research facilities
  • Lightweight yet very strong – increased widths and heights available, all easy to operate
  • High hygiene, hermetic sealing and fire rating in one door
  • Fire certificated to UL, BS, EN, China, Singapore, Australia and NZ standards.
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