Hygienic Lead Lined X-Ray Doors

A door with a yellow radiation sign and a hospital room.

Due to the advantages that our seamless, hygienic GRP doors can offer, our lead lined solutions have become increasingly popular in hygienic applications requiring radiation shielding. Unlike more traditional solutions where the lead lining material is surface mounted and then covered, leaving voids or seams where dirt can accumulate. Dortek lead lined doors are manufactured in such a way that the lead sheet is completely encapsulated in the waterproof GRP shell. This ensures that our lead lined GRP doors still offer all the hygienic benefits which are critical for clean environments.

Hygienic lead lined x-ray doors.

Hygienic GRP Lead Lined Door Solutions

Hygienic GRP doors are made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibers made of glass, commonly referred to as glass reinforced polyester. The doors have a smooth, non porous and fluid/chemical resistant surface which makes them very easy to keep clean. They have no lips, joins or edges (even around vision panels) and the door finish and door core are timber-free and inorganic. This makes them extremely versatile and ideally suited to harsh or hygiene-critical environments found in healthcare and cleanroom facilities.

Dortek can offer lead thicknesses of up to 25mm for specialist high energy therapy applications and door sizes up to w 2850mm x h 2450mm. Our lead lined door solutions are extremely versatile and can be manufactured to offer a wide variety of performance characteristics to suit their application. This includes requirements for lead lining and lead lined privacy vision panels, fire ratings, hermetic sealing, smoke, acoustics and hands-free automations.

All our x-ray doors are manufactured to have an equal appearance to doors without lead protection. Our x-ray doors are available as hinged or sliding, with or without flush mounted windows.

For more than 50 years Dortek have been supplying hygienic GRP lead lined doors to the global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors. Our solutions are specified by some of the world’s largest and most recognisable facilities due to their hygienic qualities, customisable features, hard-wearing properties and long-lasting nature.

Key benefits

✓ Fully sealed, ultra clean construction

✓ User defined lead protection

✓  BS lead thickness from code 3-8

✓  Non fire rated or fire rated

✓  Hinged, sliding or hermetic sliding

✓  Available with lead lined vision panels & factory-fitted hardware

✓  Integral Colour

✓  Standard or bespoke sizes

✓  Manual or automatic

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