National Rehabilitation Hospital Dublin

National Rehabilitation Hospital Dublin

The National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, is a hospital rehabilitation treatment for patients who have a physical or cognitive disability due to illness or injury. The new 17,000msq development at the hospital included a fit for purpose ward accommodation block comprising 120 single ensuite isolation rooms with integrated therapy spaces, a new sports hall, hydrotherapy unit, links to the existing building which will ensure full integration between the new development and the existing hospital on the site, and significant campus infrastructure upgrades.


The hospital needed specialist glass sliding doors for its new 120 single occupancy rooms and isolation rooms which will be crucial for rehabilitation purposes and in the control of infections and MDROs. The design concept is one in which patient wards are formed around a series of courtyards bringing landscaping, views, natural light and ventilation into all of the patient spaces whilst supporting patient movement and circulation in a safe and secure environment in the building.


Dortek supplied 120 glass sliding isolation room doors into the hospital to create a light and airy feel for its single occupancy rooms. The large flush glass doors were supplied with glass side panels to provide maximum visibility for patients and staff without the need to enter the room. Some doors were also supplied with a motion sensor and sensor pad for hands-free operation. These touch-less sensors are ideal for infection control purposes and for personnel carrying objects or pushing carts. The doors were also supplied with integrated electronic interstitial blinds between the glass panes to maintain patient privacy and ease of cleaning. Isolation room doors were also supplied with a hermetic sealing function to aid hygiene and air quality control.