Product Showcase: Privacy Vision Panels

Hygienic hospital doors in a white room.

Dortek privacy vision panels are ideal for all healthcare and clinical environments.Black privacy vision panels.

The vision panels are fully sealed, tested glazed units with interstitial operable blinds. Dortek Privacy Vision Panels combine the latest in glass technology with the demands of modern, multifunctional hospital environments to provide a single, fit and forget vision panel solution.

A dual purpose, easy to operate vision panel that turns a clearly open-to-view area into a private environment (and vice versa). Dortek vision panels are used to provide long-term, worry-free solutions for privacy, fire, laser and infection control requirements.

Hygienic Flush Fitting

For the ultimate hygienic design, Dortek Privacy Vision Panels are flush fitting with both faces of the door or wall, therefore removing any ledge or crevice for dirt or bacteria to harbour and creating an easy to clean, wipe down finish.

Heartlands grey hybrid theatre doors.

Chemically Resistant Handles

All handles are machined from solid 316 grade stainless steel or an antimicrobial copper alloy giving permanent high performance in the harshest of environments. Designs include single or double-sided levers.

Uniquely Fire Rated

Our Privacy Vision Panels carry 30 minute and 60 minute fire ratings to BS EN 1634. A patented interlocking system between the door leaf and vision panel enables the flush fit to uniquely offer any combination of 60 minute fire protection, x-ray shielding and laser protection—all without the need for an unsightly surface fixed steel frame.

Complete Radiation Shielding

All Dortek Privacy Vision Panels can incorporate x-ray shielding and laser shielding. The patented & tested laser protection model is unique in that it shields against all wavelengths of medical laser, but still allows a perfectly clear, non-tinted view through the vision panel. A Dortek door in a healthcare unit.


The multi-glazed, sealed unit offers enhanced sound reduction for patient privacy and a quieter working environment.

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