Product Showcase: Dortek Hermetic Sealing Sliding Glass Doors

Two separate hallways with glass doors.

Dortek hermetic sealing sliding glass doors are specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene, visibility and the control of air leakage is critical. The door offers a contemporary look and is ideal for providing maximum visibility for both open plan environments and confined spaces. The glass panel maximises natural light, helping to create light and airy room conditions.

The door is ideal for controlled laboratory and hospital environments as it has a unique patented track system which enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce cross contamination and expensive air handling costs. The transparent glass enables easy observation without the need to enter the room which is why the door is a popular option for hospital ICU or quarantine areas.

A collage of hermetic sealing sliding glass doors.

Hygienic Flush Glass Finish

The door blade has a thickness of 60mm, fully glazed with 6mm toughened flush glass on both sides, and equipped with a screen-printing edge. The aluminium border has rounded corners and is flush with the door leaf to make the door hygienic and easy to keep clean.

Hermetic SealingHermetic glass doors in a corridor.

The doors patented track system, which works in combination with the door’s weight, works with a continuous neoprene gasket to create a perfect seal against the doorframe. This seal has been independently tested and found to be more than 99% effective, leaking less than 0.2m³/hr of clean air with a typical pressure differential of 20 Pa. The door has been tested to be airtight up to an overpressure of up to 100 Pa according to ANSI/UL 1784:199.

Smooth Sliding Action

The doors smooth, controlled, sliding action helps to reduce air disturbance and the consequent movement of airborne micro-organisms. The door cuts through the air causing minimal disturbance, whereas traditional hinged doors can disrupt the airflow in a clean area each time they’re opened.

Intelligent Automation

Automation can be electric or pneumatic. Electric automation offers excellent flexibility, is optically and acoustically unobtrusive, emits low noise and requires little energy. Pneumatic automation is operated by a pneumatic locking cylinder via a positive air supply for a smooth silent operation in sensitive areas. The opening and closing times are adjustable up to 0.8 m/s. The intelligent automation senses if an obstruction is present and prevents the door from closing thus eliminating the need for a dirty safety strip. Additional safety is provided by means of a photo cell fitted across the door opening. Our range of automations can be integrated with a range of access control systems including touchless sensors for hygienic, effortless, hands free operation.

Patented Track System

The unique patented track system is angled at 45 degrees and special indentations allow the bearings to roll down enabling the door using its own weight to seal perfectly against the frame and floor.

Floor Sealing System

A tough neoprene gasket seals perfectly against a level floor without the need for a raised threshold. Guiding and sealing cams are fitted outside the clear opening eliminating the requirements for a floor track, allowing free unrestricted access for wheeled traffic.

Smoke Protection and Optional Privacy Blinds

The doors are smoke resistant according to EN 1634-3 and can be supplied with a smart glass blind for increased privacy.

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