Dortek 7030 HS Roller Doors

  • Suitable for Internal or external use.
  • Insulated foamed sections and Micrograin surface.
  • Polyurethane foamed door sections ensure excellent thermal insulation.
  • Non contact roll up technology.
  • Safety light grill included.
  • Optional aluminium vision panels with 26 mm thick DURATEC glazing.
  • Electric operation with the powerful 3-phase frequency converter control - opening speeds of up to 2.5 m/sec.
  • Resistance to wind load DIN EN 12424 Class 4.
  • Air permeability DIN EN 12426.
  • Resistance to water penetration DIN EN 12425 Class 3.
  • For door openings Max. width LDB 6500 x Max. height LDH 6000.
Dortek 7030 HS Roller Doors

Dortek Roller Shutter Doors HRS 120

  • Strong, stable, heavy duty steel shutter with a galvanised finish.
  • For door openings up to a w 12000 mm x h 9000 mm.
  • Robust steel construction, withstands extremely high loads.
  • Robust wind lock end pieces and deflection-resistant bottom profiles.
  • Double Skinned Curtain - Providing an all-round tight fit.
  • Finger Trap Protection- Black plastic strips on the edges of the side guide protect against cuts.
  • Separate catch safety device for chain drive and tubular operators.
  • Standard power limit that offers the highest level of safety when opening and closing.
  • WA 300 R S4 operator for up to 300 cycles (open / close) per day.
  • Low noise door due to the “soft start” and “soft stop” technology.
Dortek Roller Shutter Doors HRS 120

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