Global Vaccine Manufacturing Facilities

A person holding a syringe and a needle.

Dortek hygienic GRP doors are specified for leading global vaccine manufacturing sites around the world. This has for over 20 years now included GSK Vaccines who are one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers.

Dortek’s hygienic GRP doors play an essential role in maintaining hygiene, as well as providing certified fire ratings and ensuring safe and efficient access across vaccine manufacturing facilities.

Dortek hygienic doors are manufactured from high technology engineering GRP using a unique closed mould process. This creates a strong, uniform product with no seams or joins on the door surface and no voids, holes or crevices within for bacteria to harbour. Dortek hygienic GRP doors are free of timber and other organic materials that promote bacterial growth. They are also completely impervious to moisture and common cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. This makes them ideally suited to vaccine manufacturing areas requiring maximum hygiene and cleanability.

A further key feature are the critical air pressure cascades required in vaccine facilities. Dortek doors are able to maintain air pressure differentials and therefore contribute to the smooth and clean running of the facility.

Aerial shot of GSK in Belgium.
GSK Vaccines Wavre, Belgium

About GSK Vaccines

GSK Vaccines deliver over two million vaccine doses per day to people living in over 160 countries. GSK vaccines has a portfolio of over 30 vaccines, helping to protect people from 21 diseases. One third of the vaccines in development help to target diseases particularly prevalent in the developing world, including all three WHO infectious diseases priorities: HIV, Malaria ad TB.

Dortek have been supplying specialist hygienic GRP doors to GSK vaccines for more than 20 years. This has included the following manufacturing sites, GSK Wavre, GSK Rixensart Belgium, St. Amand Les Eaux, France, Godollo, Hungary and Singapore.


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