Top 10 Reasons To Specify Dortek GRP for Hygiene Critical Areas

Timber/Wood door vs Hygienic GRP door.

Traditional building materials, like timber, have their place in many areas of construction projects and are an ideal choice for the majority of facility areas. But, for hygienic areas like operating theatres and cleanrooms, Dortek hygienic GRP doors really are the only smart choice. The properties of our hygienic GRP helps solve numerous design challenges, whilst improving long term maintenance costs and hygienic performance.

Here are the top ten reasons to specify Dortek GRP:

  1. Maximum Hygiene – Fully encapsulated construction, with a smooth surface which is free from the natural seams, voids and crevices found in timber doors. This prevents our doors from harbouring mould or bacteria.
  2. Easy to Clean ā€“ The non-porous, seamless, smooth surface of Dortek hygienic GRP doors make them extremely easy to clean.
  3. Lifelong Colour ā€“ Colours used within our doors go through a process of pigmentation, meaning that there is no fade or discolouration regardless of where the product is used. This means that no spray painting or colour topping up is necessary.
  4. Strong & Durable ā€“ Dortek hygienic GRP doors are built to last, even in harsh or high traffic areas; our doors will not dent, warp, swell, rot or rust.
  5. Corrosion and chemical Resistant – Dortek doors have excellent resistance to most disinfectants, solvents and other strong chemicals including H2O2 which are frequently used in hospitals and other clean environments.
  6. Low Maintenance – Dortek doors are exceptionally lightweight and impact resistant, with long lasting built in colour.
  7. Economical ā€“ lower operation and maintenance costs gives hygienic GRP the lowest life cycle costs over alternatives like timber.
  8. Customisable ā€“ Custom-made to meet your needs exactly. Dortek hygienic GRP is capable of resisting fire, water, laser, x-ray or a combination of requirements.
  9. Fire Resistant – Over 50 independent tested specifications compliant with worldwide regulations for comprehensive fire protection.
  10. BIM Ready ā€“ All our hygienic GRP doors are available in high quality BIM-ready files for seamless integration.

GRP hygienic doors for infection control.BMI before and after collage.

Above pictures: 1st picture: Damaged wooden doors, some with an exposed core from knocks and chips. These are vulnerable areas where infection causing bacteria can accumulate. 2nd picture: Timber Laminate replaced with Hygienic GRP doors for an operating theatre.

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