Test Shows Our Doors Are Resistant To Spor-Klenz

The edge of a yellow door.

Dortek GRP doors are designed to be extremely functional, robust and chemical resistant. A test we have carried out demonstrates this further by proving our doors resistance to the popular sterilant Spor-Klenz. Our doors were tested by the US approved independent test laboratory Intertek. The results in the report indicated that there were no changes to the finish when Dortek GRP doors were exposed to the disinfectant.

Dortek GRP doors have a smooth, seamless surface which facilitates easy cleaning and chemical and moisture resistance. Our doors are completely free from joints, voids and crevices which can harbour bacteria.

This makes them ideally suited for pharmaceutical, medical, research and biotech applications or other areas requiring a long lasting door solution which is easy to clean and also impervious to water or common chemicals.

You can view the full report of our recent test here.

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