Sector: Veterinary Doors

Dortek's Veterinary Sector Experience

Veterinary and animal care facilities face the same hygiene concerns and focus as human health care facilities, plus they have the added challenges of managing the animal patients, zoonotic pathogen threats and also odour control.

Our innovative GRP doors, created with evidence based design (EBD) principles in mind, can contribute to a healthier, lower stress environment for animals, patients and staff throughout the facility. Veterinary practices should use hygienic, timber-free GRP doors.

Dortek can even offer GRP doors with lead-lining for use in enhanced imaging modalities, such as digital radiology, CTs and MRIs. Installed with a combination of Dortek lead-equivalent or our patented Intavista  laser-proof privacy vision panels, facilities can have a true single source door solution, all backed up with over 50 years of design and installation experience and expertise.

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We were impressed with the high quality and clean appearance of Dortek’s doors which are particularly suited to sterile areas. Their installation team were very professional, helpful and knowledgeable and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in the industry. Leading UK Veterinary Specialists