Sector: Leisure Doors

Dortek’s Leisure Sector Experience

Doors within leisure centres, swimming pools and sports facilities need to withstand heavy usage while being strong, durable and hygienic.

Doors in these environments are exposed to high levels of traffic, frequent moisture and corrosive chemicals. They’re also fundamental for providing security and fire safety across a building.

Dortek leisure doors are ideal for these environments due to their non absorbent, smooth, seamless GRP construction. Dortek doors are easy to clean and unaffected by steam, chlorine and cleaning agents. They will not rust, swell, or warp even after years of exposure to moisture and water.

Dortek strongly believes that our GRP leisure doors are far more hygienic and therefore appropriate for leisure centres than timber, laminate or steel doors which are still sometimes used. GRP doors have much lower life cycle costs as alternative solutions often need replacing due to damage and water corrosion.

Timber doors are organic, not suitable for wet areas, and unhygienic as a result. Laminate doors can delaminate and are heavier and also not suitable for wet areas. Steel doors can rust, are heavy to operate and costly to repair.

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Dortek has over 50 years experience in the leisure industry

We have specified Dortek on many of our projects. The hygienic doors are robust and perfectly suited to chemically aggressive wet environments but also offer high-quality aesthetics. The Dortek brand represents quality and we’d have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients. Leisure Architect