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Parap Swimming Pool

Parap Swimming Pool

Australia, APAC
Parap Swimming Pool

The redevelopment of Parap Swimming Pool in Darwin, Australia, features 2 swimming pools including a 50m pool as well new office, entry, kiosk/café, and other user amenities.


The aim of the redevelopment project was to become FINA compliant. The Parap Swimming Pool in Darwin, Australia needed watertight and corrosion-resistant doors that would not rot, rust, warp, swell or corrode. These doors were going to be used in external areas where they were exposed to chlorine swimming pool water, natural rainwater and high temperatures from sun exposure so they wanted doors that would withstand the conditions but also adaptable to the architecture aesthetic finish.


Dortek were able to supply their GRP doors and frames to the project as it was a necessity for the doors to be water and corrosion-resistant. Additional requirements were that some of the doors be located externally and able to withstand exposure to the sun and hot temperatures.

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