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  • Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC)

    Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC)

    London UK, EMEA
    Doors installed: 290+
    A door inside the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC).

    Cambridge Biomedical Campus. (CBC) are creating a vibrant and groundbreaking health care community at the forefront of science and medicine.


    Dortek’s brief was to supply and installation of doors to a very specific programme, across primarily 3 floors.

    Our Dortek doors were installed within the BRF rooms, laboratories, holding room, procedure rooms, CL3 labs, equipment store, changing rooms, and circulation routes. The type of doors we installed were GRP hinged and sliding in stainless steel frames, many with integrated privacy panels.


    The particular project requirements that made our doors suitable was the durability, acoustic performance, non organic door quality of our SS frame which ensures suitability to this environment. The SS frame had previously been used at Francis Crick Institute also.

    We fulfilled the clients expectations by meeting the specification and programme, and working closely with planners to interface with other trades. There was some complexity about the project as most doors are very large for equipment access and some have acoustic requirements, also to include is there are a lot of doors in a concentrated area.

    hygienic sliding doors, hygienic doors, hygienic grp doors

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