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  • BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor

    BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor

    London, UK, EMEA
    Doors installed: 20+
    The Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor

    The BMI Princess Margaret Hospital has 78 beds and provides medical and surgical care for patients. The facility offers a dedicated day care unit as well as a 2 bed HDU unit. The fully accredited consultants undertake a wide range of procedures, from routine investigation's to complex surgery across a wide range of specialities.


    The hospital required hygienic door systems as part of a refurbishment which included a theatre with a laminar air flow system. The development is part of the hospital’s ongoing plan to expand the services it can provide, which will enable the hospital to care for an increasing number of patients.



    Dortek supplied hygienic hinged and sliding doors with fire, laser and lead protection. Automated theatre doors were also installed with touchless sensors to provide convenient, hands free access. Dortek doors have a smooth and seamless GRP construction which is designed to reduce the risk of infection.