Alcon pharmaceuticals were looking for a specialist door solution as part of their new facity development.


Alcon is one of the world's largest eye care companies operating in 75 countries. For their Singapore factory manufacturing sight saving pharmaceuticals to service the growing Asian market, Alcon were looking to install a 'Wall panel' door solution rather than the traditional concrete block or stud wall solution that is traditionally used in the construction of cleanrooms. Wall panel solutions offer a faster site build, faster sealing of the cleanroom envelope and more flexibility.


Traditionally, wall panel systems use steel doors which are heavier, difficult to clean, can harbour bacteria in the seams and crevices and whose core materials can erode when subjected to continuous cleaning. Dortek's unique door solution provided Alcon with GRP doors which were smoother, seamless and easier to clean than steel doors, whose core materials will never erode due to the unique properties of GRP and which are lighter and easier to use than steel doors.