Butzbach Spacelite Stacking Doors

Large shutter doors in a garage.

Innovative and space saving

SPACELITE stacking doors are space-saving and low wear. When the doors are opened, the individual translucent door elements line up vertically and compactly one behind the other. A wide range of equipment options make SPACELITE stacking doors a flexible industrial door that is also suitable for large-format doors.

Open shutter doors in a garage.

Due to the wall mounting without ceiling suspension, the door is suitable for almost all installation situations – in new buildings and renovations.

For conventional industrial doors of the same size (5.5 x 3.5m), the entire door area is required as additional open space in the ceiling area. With the SPACELITE stacking door, this additional free space is reduced to approx. 17.7% of the comparable area.

Butzbach Spacelite Stacking Doors.

In addition to properties such as stability, durability, thermal insulation and resilience, fiberglass also offers light transmission.

The direct drive of the Butzbach door works without wearing parts such as tension or torsion springs. Due to the door sealing and the high light transmission, heating and energy costs can be saved.

The wall mounting of the lifting gates also allows installation on the ceiling of crane runways, extraction systems, lighting, lifting platforms and other installations.

The guide rails are closed on three sides and can thus avoid crushing and injury risks. Thanks to their high corrosion resistance, the doors can also be used in environments with extreme conditions.

Spacelite door benefits:

  • low dead weight
  • heat-insulating, flexible and stable thanks to fiberglass
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High light transmission due to fiberglass door filling (up to 78%)
  • Dimensions up to 15 m wide and 24 m height possible
  • Outdoor installation possible
  • Door leaves with thermally insulated fiberglass web double panels with 40 mm installation thickness
  • Thermal insulation up to Up = 1.4 W/m²K
  • Optional panoramic door leaves made of acrylic or real glass

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