Product Showcase – Butzbach Spacelite Stacking Doors

A red Mini car behind Spacelite Stacking Doors.

3 case study images of sectional doors.

Innovative Space Saving Opening Technology

Spacelite stacking doors are space-saving and extremely wear-resistant. When opening, each door element lines up vertically and compactly one behind the other. This makes the door suitable for almost all installation situations in both new buildings and renovations.

With its innovative opening technology and door infill made of translucent fibreglass, Butzbach offers a unique optical and functional concept that meets your requirements.

Translucent Fibreglass

Fibreglass has a translucence of up to 78%, enabling bright, pleasant working environments and a subsequent reduction in lighting expenses. Fibreglass is also the chosen material for shipbuilding and aerospace engineering due to its versatility, durability and sturdiness.

Extraordinary Opening Principle

Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly behind the lintel where they are protected. Lightning devices, lifting platforms and other fittings on the ceiling are not impaired.

Low Wear Design

The reliable Spacelite drive operates without any wear parts such as tension or torsion springs – which minimises maintenance efforts and costs. Thanks to the effective door sealing and extensive light transmission, this also saves energy costs on heating and lighting.

Increased Safety and Efficiency                                                                                                

The Spacelite tracks, which are closed on three sides, ensure the highest level of safety because they avoid crushing risks and the danger of injuries. Thanks to their non-corrosive properties, the doors can also be used in environments with extreme conditions. The construction of the stacking doors with fibreglass door panels are highly impact-resistant and shockproof.

Faster Opening Speeds                                                                                                                                    A half open Spacelite stacking door.

The Sprint-option with its frequency converter provides a 100% opening speed enhancement. More efficient traffic flow and cost savings.

Improved Thermal Insulation & Wind Load

The door achieves outstanding values regarding air permeability, resistance to wind load and resistance to water penetration.

Optional Real Glass Door Panels

The new Spacelite Vision helps achieve the optical effect of an elegant glass façade. The twin-walled ESG safety glass also achieves excellent thermal insulation. Unlike conventional acrylic glass fillings the real glass fields are permanently protected against cleaning traces and scratches and also against condensation or fogging between the panes.

Customisable for every application

Beside numerous design options such as a solid, high quality pass door with a threshold of only 25 mm, the ISO- and the Sprint-Options offer additional advantages: The ISO-Option, for example, provides excellent thermal insulation as well as sun protection, and the Sprint Option increases the speed of the door up to 1 m/s.

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