Transfer hatches/pass through hatches

A collage of transfer hatches.

Pass through hatches also known as transfer hatches, play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless transfer of materials. Whether it’s ushering raw materials in, dispatching finished products, or facilitating the manufacturing process, these unassuming hatches are the unsung heroes of cleanroom efficiency.

The primary objective of pass throughs is to mitigate cross-contamination during material transfer, thus upholding the sanctity and cleanliness of controlled areas. Dortek, a leading provider of innovative solutions, offers a range of pass through hatches equipped with either electromagnetic or mechanically interlocked doors. These advanced door mechanisms serve a dual purpose: preventing depressurisation and minimising the risk of contamination.

What sets Dortek’s pass through hatches apart is their deliberate design. Unlike conventional sealed doors, these hatches allow a controlled flow of air from the clean side, typically maintained at a higher pressure. This constant influx of clean air effectively flushes the interior of the hatch. Importantly, the volume of air involved is so minuscule in comparison to the room’s airflows that it remains imperceptible, leaving room pressures unaffected.

Pass throughs silently ensure that materials move seamlessly, while cross-contamination remains a distant concern. Dortek’s innovative range of pass through hatches help improve the efficiency and reliability of cleanroom operations.

Key Features of Dortek’s Transfer/Pass Throughs Hatches:

  • You can either have our hatches bespoke or standard sized.
  • Can be manufactured using fire resistant materials for up to 60 minutes of fire resistance.
  • Can be lead lined to provide added security and fire protection as well as radiation safety.
  • Can be manufactured to fit bespoke sized trolleys or containers.

Dortek offer a wide range of standard sized, custom made and lead lined pass throughs. Please see our brochure for more details or contact us at


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