St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory

St Johns Island National Marine Laboratory sign.

The St John’s Island Marine Laboratory (SJIML) was officially opened in 2002. In March 2016, the National Research Foundation designated the marine laboratory as a National Research Infrastructure. SJIML now serves as a focal point for marine science research to meet Singapore’s strategic needs for the future. This research includes exploring how Singapore can cope with emerging challenges such as climate change, heavy shipping and urbanisation.

St Johns island marine research.

The Tropical Marine Science Institute is working with the National Parks Board on two projects in particular to monitor and conserve Singapore’s coastal and marine habitats and the biodiversity within them. One of the projects focuses on underwater acoustic monitoring of dolphins, while another aims to develop an adaptive framework for assessing risk of environmental stress on the health and resilience of Singapore’s coral reefs.

This dedicated laboratory at St John’s has specialist seawater aquarium facilities to accommodate important research in marine science.  Access to natural seawater with its enigmatic mix of chemistry and biology is a crucial resource for translating laboratory ideas into real world applications. The marine laboratory also operates a 12m research vessel named Galaxea.

Dortek supplied our hygienic door systems as part of a refurbishment to upgrade and restructure the laboratory. The doors play an important part in maintaining the delicate conditions needed throughout the specialist research laboratories. This includes temperature control, hygiene and cleanability.

Dortek doors are ideal for these types of environments because they are also water and chemical resistant. Doors were also supplied with automations and fire ratings of up to 60 minutes for the protection of staff and visitors working within the building.

St johns island national marine lab doors.

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