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  • Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility, Edinburgh

    Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility, Edinburgh

    UK, EMEA
    Doors installed: 65+
    Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility, Edinburgh

    The new Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF) will include the Critical Care Laboratory for Large Animals currently at Dryden Farm, which supports the study of large animal biology with all the resources of a human hospital. It will also offer advanced imaging capabilities to advance neurobiology, anatomy and physiology in large animals, as well as to provide the capacity to study infectious disease. Research within LARIF supports the One Health framework, recognising the link between human, animal and environmental health.


    LARIF needed specialist hygienic door solutions for their new research and imaging facility.


    Dortek supplied various doors across the facilities imaging, research, treatment and holding areas. All doors needed to be extremely strong, hygienic and in specialist large dimensions to accommodate larger animals including horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. Some doors were also manufactured with lead lining for the centres imaging facilities.

    Yellow doors in a white room.

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