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  • Heineken Brewery, UK

    Heineken Brewery, UK

    Tadcaster, UK, EMEA
    Doors installed: 2+
    Heineken Brewery in Tadcaster.

    The Heineken brewery at Tadcaster has a 38 million litre capacity and is one of the largest in the country.


    The Heineken brewery produces more than 90% of the beers sold in the UK, and around 30% of the nation’s apples go into their ciders. The company required upgraded door systems at their processing facility in Tadcaster. 


    Dortek supplied large Novosprint high speed doors between storage and production areas. The short opening and closing speeds of the Novosprint doors which have speeds of up to 5 m/s were ideal for this client who wanted fast, collision free access. The doors were also equipped with radar activation sensors, two photocells and traffic light control for safe and trouble-free operation. The safety sensors prevent the risk of accidents and drastically reduce any damage to the goods or the transport vehicles using the doors.

    Yellow doors in a white room.

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