Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors

  • The door blade is a strong rigid 60mm thick panel finished with hard plastic laminate and flush anodised aluminium profiles giving a flat smooth easy clean surface
  • When closed the unique patented track system allows the door to move down/in under its own weight. In conjunction with a continuous neoprene gasket it seals perfectly against the floor and frame.
  • The efficiency of the seal has been officially tested and results show it to be over 99% effective, thus helping to reduce air handling costs and cross contamination
  • Door configurations can be single sliding or double leaf bi parting.
  • Doors can be supplied with up to 60 minutes fire ratings, sound insulation and lead lining.
  • A range of frames to suit a particular wall construction and thickness are available in aluminium or stainless steel.
  • The door panel can be supplied in a glass version with 2 x 6mm thick and robust glass blade.
Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors

Hermetic Sealing Sliding Lead Lined Doors

  • Dortek produces seamless, hygienic, lead-lined doors that are ideally suited to hospital and other environments where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance.
  • Lead-lined door sets incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thicknesses. This protection extends through the door frames, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions.
  • These doors have a unique patented track system that enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce air handling costs, cross-contamination and wound infections. Faced with ledge-free HPL they are easy to clean requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Options include models officially tested with 60 minutes of fire resistance.
Hermetic Sealing Sliding Lead Lined Doors

Hermetic Sealing Hinged Door

  • Dortek hermetically sealing hygienic hinged doors are designed for areas where control of air leakage is critical.
  • There are many applications for these doors including cleanroom, laboratories, BSL3 & BSL4 labs and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Also, any other areas requiring a clean, hygienic well sealing door.
  • The door has a unique wrap-around frame with a neoprene seal incorporated which enables the door to seal perfectly.
  • Air leakage has been independently tested and results up to 250 pa pressure differential are available on request.
  • Certified hermetic sealing: Class 3 /4 according to EN 12207:2000 (air permeability certificate).
Hermetic Sealing Hinged Door
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