Our New Bio-containment lunch and Learn CPD

Dortek riba cpd

We have a wealth of experience working in the biocontainment industry, our new CPD seminar explores the key considerations when designing these complex facilities and the specification of GRP doors for biohazard containment.

The CPD is RIBA accredited and we can provide the 40 minute presentation during your lunch break. For more information or to book please email us at – info@dortek.com

Our seminar explores the following topics:

Design and Performance Considerations when Specifying Barrier Solutions in Bioscience Facilities. 

  • Bioscience facility design – containment levels and their risks
  • The function of doors in biocontainment
  • Why is GRP a good material for bioscience facility doors
  • Compliance with standards – cleaning, hygiene, acoustics and fire
  • Which is better – hinged or sliding doors?
  • Hermetically sealing doors – function and use
  • Comparisons between GRP and other door materials
  • BIM and its advantages in project management
  • GRP doors – environmental impact and recycling


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