Meet Our Process and Quality Engineer, Linus

Meet the team, Linus.

Please tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a Swedish guy at the age of 24 and just recently graduated last summer as master of science in chemical engineering. Now, I am the Process & Quality Engineer here at Dortek for the factory in Ystad, looking into the manufacturing process to see where we can find improvement that benefits both our products, the workflow, environment and factory in general.

What first inspired you into the engineering and architectural industry?

It all started in school during the science classes, learning to explain how phenomena around us works. Then the technical side is how we can use these phenomena into something useful which, is the real driver for me as an engineer. Once I heard about Dortek manufacturing fibreglass doors, the first thing I could think about was the manufacturing process that is centralized around chemistry.

What made you want to work for Dortek?

As a chemical engineering graduate I was eager to find a wide role, and in this position I am involved in both process and quality, which works hand in hand. If we get the process right, then quality will come. Also, I had no clue about how Dortek make GRP doors and found it interesting.

How has COVID affected your role within Dortek?

Since I am mostly involved in the day to day production I have been to the site each day since I started. We have unfortunately had outbreaks which have resulted in us needing to wear masks which fog up your protective glasses, but that is it. In general, it has not affected my role much.

What do you like about working with Dortek?

We work very closely together here in Sweden, as well as with the production team in Ireland which is great. Since I am young, there is a lot to learn in general about business and this has been a great start!

What are your interests outside of work?

I have recently started playing Padel, a new popular sport here in Sweden, a mix between squash and tennis and it is really addictive. Other than that I enjoy being with my friends, family and girlfriend as well as my cat. Also, I like reading about what happens on the stock market and discussing it with friends.

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